The “Framers”

Fifty-five representatives from the newly independent American states were appointed as delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, ostensibly to discuss possible improvements to the existing Articles of Confederation. They travelled to Philadelphia where they ultimately drafted the Constitution of the United States. These American elites came to be known as the Framers.

*   *    * 

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick protested against social injustice last year with a simple, silent gesture. He knelt for the national anthem before his team’s scheduled National Football League game. His gesture had nothing to do with disrespecting our flag or our military. His gesture was a sign of humility filled with yearning, not defiance. Eventually, other NFL players joined him, hoping to initiate a national conversation on race too long neglected

The Insane Clown, abetted by his political stuntman Mike Pence, co-opted Kaepernick’s gesture, used it to lie, distort, and dissemble the intent of Kaepernick’s original message. To what end?

The President and Vice President of the United States as they do almost on a daily basis, re/framed Kaepernick’s narrative to sow discord, contempt, ignorance, and chaos; this to camouflage once again their own incompetencies and misdeeds.

DATELINE NFL SUNDAY OCTOBER 15,2017: NFL players again took a knee during the playing of the national anthem. The Networks chose to exclude the playing of the anthem at the beginning of their broadcasts.

This all took place after a week in which the Insane Clown attempted to sabotage the ACA and the Iran deal, declared victory in the “war on coal,” was accused of”castrating” his Secretary of State, and purportedly was called a “f*****g moron” by his Secretary of State.

The rest of his high flying wrecking crew carried on: Sessions, Pruitt, Zinke, Haley, Mnuchin, and Pence, framing the story anew for a 21st century presidency.





The Insane Clown once owned the NJ Generals of the now defunct USFL. In court and out, the NFL bested him and his league.

Long simmering, he recently saw an opportunity to “even” that score. How much sweeter imagined now that the NFL has such a high percentage of black players.

Last Friday in Alabama, when the Insane Clown stoked the crowd, reprising his call on NFL club owners to “fire the SOBs,” his rage bubbled up, as if he were the great Oz himself, curtain drawn back. Immediately he snapped to, sucked his meanness and anger back in.

Tom Price, Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, healthcare, the budget, the debt ceiling, Puerto Rico and a hurricane or two; the NFL festering inside him for so long, took precedence.

This after all is a thoroughly 21st century presidency.

Burning Man

What an event/ful week.

My brain is self-combusting.

My willing suspension of disbelief  is teetering, about to go down the tubes.

The week started with the Insane Clown reigniting his controversial tweet, teeing off on Hillary. (You’ve got to see it to believe it. It’s a visual definition of why misogyny is way different than plain sexism.)

Then, my ears got to burning when I heard about the two Washington lawyers who walked into a restaurant?

My eyes lit up when James Corden kissed Sean Spicer at the Emmys.

Turning up the heat, Robert Mueller added a 17th prosecutor to his team, a prosecutor who specializes in money laundering?

Tuesday, the Insane Clown lit a fire at the UN.

Meanwhile, Ivanka’s workshop is warming up, readying to design new uniforms for her Insane Daddy’s proposed July 4th military parade. He’s our very own “Rocket Man.”

The heat was also turned up a notch on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.

Everywhere, hats are on fire.




What Happened Happened

So Hillary, in 2016 it came down, as it always has, to you being a woman; but your defeat was set in motion years earlier

The “good old boys” were all over you from the get go, that pack of Pavlov’s dogs. So by the time 2016 rolled around, no matter how many good things you’d done over the course of a life devoted to public service, the “good old boys” had framed your story; a very low political calculation indeed. 

There was no good in the bad they’d concocted. And to show just how effective there twisted storytelling had been, we, your supporters, were their willing accomplices, wincing, then apologetic even as we voiced our support for you. 

Do you remember what happened?

Do you know what happened?

What do you think happened?

What happened was most certainly your fault.

What happened was way beyond your control.

What happened happened.

That’s what happened.


The Con, A Failed Presidency, And Those Political Liquidators

Lips pursed, Mitch McConnell and his gleaners crouch by the newly redecorated Oval Office, its door shut, waiting for table scraps from which they’ll try to fashion policy, then legislation.

Chief of enablers John Kelly dispenses those scraps at the pleasure of the current Oval Office resident, the Insane Clown President himself.

The enabler of all enablers, Mike Pence,  tosses off a “prayer” whenever he can.

Mar-a-Lago chocolate cake doesn’t really do it, though it seems to be sustenance enough for little Paul Ryan and his pie-in-the-sky agenda, content to wag his finger as he tweets how outraged he is in lieu of taking any substantive action. Ever.

Little Paul used to be the G(N)OP’s resident intellectual;  but unfortunately, the times they-are-a-changing.

Welcome to September, Mitch;  is this how you imagined the salvage business would be?

Must admit, you’ve gotten what you wanted all these years, a failed presidency.

Liquidation sale – going out of business – every thing must go.



Insane Praying Mantis


We’ve been told that if anyone can whip the Insane Clown’s West Wing into shape it’s retired United States Marine Corps general and former commander of the United States Southern Command John F. Kelly.

What if Kelly does whip the West Wing into “shape?”

Seems to me John Kelly was appointed for two reasons; first to provide cover to the West Wing, to ostensibly protect the sacrosanctity of the presidency, what we commonly call the oval office; but more significantly there’s his primary job, providing the appearance of “legitimacy” to the current occupant, the Insane Clown President.

With the Insane Clown’s actions last Friday night, we witnessed Kelly in full tilt mode as one of the Clown’s ablest enablers alongside the Pences and the Kushners of the world. That’s what bringing “order to the West Wing” means, bringing order under cover of last Friday’s marquee event, hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas.

Someone needs to enlighten John Kelly that it’s difficult to hide in plain sight. John, you’re not at Homeland Security anymore. The mainstream media scrutinizes the fish bowl you find yourself in now much more intensely.

But with no political experience under his belt, the general is exhibiting a quick learning curve in the art of the spin.

Technocrat John Kelly works to render the electorate nothing more than bobbing “yes” head figurines on automobile dashboards. His aim, that we’ll start spouting the company line: finally a chief of staff who will whip the west Wing into “shape.”

How many times a day do we need to hear if anyone can whip the Insane Clown’s West Wing into shape it’s John Kelly?

How many times did it take before you started repeating if anyone can whip the Insane Clown’s West Wing into shape it’s John Kelly?


I yam what I yam.





The Bitter Machinations Of Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell pledged that “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

And through the Merrick Garland nomination McConnell worked assiduously to do just that.

He then proceeded to tacitly support the Insane Clown for president in 2016 even though he believed the Clown was unfit for office.

Mitch McConnell has now reaped a bitter harvest. His choices during the Obama presidency paved the way for the Insane Clown President. McConnell thought he could control an individual who throughout his entire career manipulated and controlled a playing field of his own making. Mitch McConnell thought, in his own parochial way, that he would be able to set the rules and control an individual who was ignorant in matters of government.

This even when  dealing with the Insane Clown who is so canny in the ways of being crooked. The lie that has been McConnell’s bread and butter for so long stood no chance up against a world class liar.

Now the top Republican in the Senate is said to be privately questioning whether the Insane Clown can “salvage” his administration.

Finally, a failed presidency.

What leadership.

What symmetry.

But Mitch McConnell did gift us one thing, a generous  serving of schadenfreude.