Roll Call

Mr. McConnell & Mr. Schumer’s Senate.

Mr. Ryan & Ms. Pelosi’s House.

Mr. Robert’s Court.

The People’s republic.

Insane Clown unfit for office.

This week the Insane Clown off-gassed bully blow for bully blow with Kim Jong Un.

This week the Insane Clown tacitly gave the neo-fascist’s in Charlottesville a pass.

This past week the Insane Clown’s EPA (Scott Pruitt) clandestinely worked to despoil our environment.

This past week the Insane Clown took no  responsibility for anything, not even watching too much TV, tweeting too much, eating too much chocolate cake, or playing too much golf.


Robert Mueller’s “foursome” plays on.






I Started A Joke

Words matter. Harsh words spoken, raise questions. These days, harsh words need to be walked back. Yet, it seems all the rage to re-characterize harsh statements tossed off as “just joking.” 

Speaking before assembled law officers on Long Island the Insane Clown “jokingly” said “please don’t be too nice” to these thugs.

Sean Spicer claimed the Insane Clown candidate was “joking” when he encouraged Russian hackers to go after Hillary during the 2016 campaign.

During the campaign, the Insane Clown “jokingly” claimed in a tweet that President Barack Obama was the literal founder of ISIS.

The Insane Clown candidate also “joked” about some of his supporters assassinating Hillary Clinton.

“I hate some of these people (journalists), I hate ’em,” the Insane candidate “jokingly” told a Michigan crowd. “I would never kill them. I would never do that.”

Anthony Scaramucci claimed his expletive filled tantrum was merely him “joking.”

Wealthy GOP donor Ed Butowsky claims he was only “joking” to FoxNews investigator Rod Wheeler about the Insane Clown being kept in the loop on the Seth Rich murder story.

Think Mueller’s “joking” as he convenes his new grand jury?

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Stuff

We’re smack in the middle of a war of the words. The conman of the century believes he can make us all believe anything his thumbs conjure up in the “4 AM of his nightly soul.”

Anthony Scaramucci is the Insane Clown’s “tell.” We now have a bona fide wise guy in the White House. The Insane Clown brought in this goombah to verbally whack his chief-of-staff.

Who then has the courage to evict the Insane Clown and his spawn?

The Insane wazir exhibits his full nasty, letting little Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III twist in the wind. Little Jefferson, himself a nasty piece of work, loves coming to work, “his mandate” to return our beautiful land to a better time, pre-reconstruction. Hellzapoppin.

Concurrent with the Insane eagle scout’s twisted rap jam at the Scout’s jamboree, his mini-me, Jared, showed his own twisted chops behind closed doors. Politically “bi-polar,” Jared, deemed a political “novice” yet entrusted with the nation’s top security clearance, showed he may not be as smart as he fancies himself. Try to make sense out of the Jared Kushner nonsense. And yes, was Jared recommended hiring Scaramucci to the Clown.

Make no mistake, the shootout in this hall of mirrors is coming down the pike.

Once cleared of these vermin, the White House will need to be tented and sprayed.

Tweet it loud, I’m insane and I’m proud.


inspired by true events

We’re living in an age of prohibition, a prohibition of the truth. We’re living in an age of alternate realities. Master distillers of the big lie, loyal to an Insane Clown President, spread disinformation throughout our nation and the world. Deep denial trumps the “deep state.”

Their lies are clogging our airwaves, corroding our cables, polluting the water we drink. It’s that precious bodily fluid thing again. They call it alt. reality.

Pence, Bannon, Kushner, Conway, Spicer, Huckabee Sanders, Price, Sessions, Carson, DeVos, Perry, Pruitt, Junior, Zinke and that slinky blonde dame, Ivanka – dissemblers all – it’s that old looking up at the clear blue sky routine, telling us we’re living under a dark cloud foisted on our nation by a dark man, a man who was not even born here, does not even worship our god.

Halleluyah, we are all bums.

We’re living in a world where to lie is to be a “truth teller.” We congregate around oval tables and practice mass hypnosis. We neither see nor hear the ticking clock. Ends justify means.

Anyone in their right mind would not want this lot laying their hands on them. Jim Jones and his cool-aid mix have nothing on this bunch.

Been there, drunk that.

Shout halleluyah, hal/le/lu, we are all bums.

Welcome to the Clown’s brave new world. Six months in and everyone is lawyered-up.


La Ronde

There is a Coven in the White House. The Coven assembled in the presence of their High Priest aka our Insane  Clown President himself to chant his praises : Pence, Sessions, Bannon, Kushner, Ivanka, Ross, Ryan, McConnell, Spicer, Sanders, Miller, Conway…