La Ronde

There is a Coven in the White House. The Coven assembled in the presence of their High Priest aka our Insane  Clown President himself to chant his praises : Pence, Sessions, Bannon, Kushner, Ivanka, Ross, Ryan, McConnell, Spicer, Sanders, Miller, Conway…

Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered

Certainly,  it’s a witch hunt.

There’s an Insane Clown/man witch residing in the White House. So, who else could it be? After all, his mentor Roy Cohn hunted witches and warlocks his entire life.

A good case could be made for a “mouse” hunt? But, we’re talking POTUS…not lumbering Mike Pence…or Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.


The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by Barack Obama on March 10, 2010. On February 27, 2017, Donald Trump, speaking before 46 U. S. governors, commented on repealing and replacing the ACA when he offhandedly said that “nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” This after the GOP had voted 65 times, with an Obama veto hanging over their vote, to repeal the ACA.

More recently, our Insane Clown Resident has deemed McConnell & Co.’s health care bill mean. This, even though the current Senate version has been seen by only a privilaged few, has not even been debated on the floor of the Senate.

Mitch McConnell wants to pass the current Republican health bill before the 4th. McConnell consistently has shown his contempt for our country with how he’s handled so many matters. There was his just say no maneuver day one of Obama’s presidency. Dare we bring up his maneuver with the Merrick Garland nomination. Jared and Ivanka are to complicit as McConnell is to contemptuous.

Members of Congress, both representatives and senators, are covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Their families are covered, but individual members receive a number of perks not available even to family members.

When the GOP hunkers down for the count, it should also consider placing members of Congress under the new replacement plan as well. Pre-existing conditions should be accommodated; Little Paul Ryan’s penchant for “brown nosing” or Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence’s ability to hide-in-plain-sight. Risk pools and block grants should also be offered to our legislators and their families.


Stick out your tongue and say ah.



Donald Trump – thin-skinned crooked business man prone to lying, tweetness himself


“Little” Paul Ryan – brown nosing since forever

Steve Bannon – the Black Bart of Breitbart

Mike Pence – lumbering mediocre governor/a most dangerous man

Jeff Sessions – Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Mitch McConnell – vulpine cynic

Kellyanne Conway – “Bertha Antoinetta Mason” of the White House

Tom Price – inside trader

Scott Pruitt – fracker/gnostic

Reince Priebus – Rheinhold Richard Priebus

Ben Carson – trypanosomiasis

Betsy DeVos – the divine Miss D, foremost practitioner of DeVonics

Jared and Ivanka – children of the Don seeking “legitimacy”


Our operators are standing by.


Hey Guys, Let’s Put On A Show

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Imagine your father imparting the wisdom of Roy Cohn, “Fat” Tony Salerno, Fred Trump, and Dmitry Rybolovlev to you as you grow to adulthood.

It’s probably why Donald Trump Jr, one of several grifters in the White House,  went on a tweeting jag during Comey’s testimony.

Curious, not a tweet during Session’s off-gassing.

Folie à Deux

Jared scams real estate as well as policy professionals.

Ivanka cheats her workers.

Their story is straight out of the annals of the mob.

Jared’s father did hard time. Ivanka’s father cheated people consistently.

Jared and Ivanka, Ivanka and Jared. It’s a twice told tale. Their old men were crooked scam artists. The kids put on a public face, put on the appearance of going legit. But as Lennon wrote: there’s one thing you can’t hide/it’s when you’re [crooked] inside.

you can shine you’re shoes
and wear a suit
you can comb your hair
and look quite cute
you can hide your face
behind a smile
one thing you can’t hide
is when you’re crippled inside



Insane Clown tweets. His lawyer passes out cigars in T-hotel. McCain evokes Orwell as everything turns into an absolutely Kafkaesque/burlesque.

Insane Clown says Comey testimony “vindicated” him completely. So, how does a “liar,” “leaker,” and “nut job” become a vindicator?,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1439,w_2560,x_0,y_0/c_limit,w_1480/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1491847233/articles/2017/03/18/the-liar-in-chief-the-dangers-of-post-truth-politics/170317-Toure-trump-liar-tease_jlhqhe