I Started A Joke

Words matter. Harsh words spoken, raise questions. These days, harsh words need to be walked back. Yet, it seems all the rage to re-characterize harsh statements tossed off as “just joking.” 

Speaking before assembled law officers on Long Island the Insane Clown “jokingly” said “please don’t be too nice” to these thugs.

Sean Spicer claimed the Insane Clown candidate was “joking” when he encouraged Russian hackers to go after Hillary during the 2016 campaign.

During the campaign, the Insane Clown “jokingly” claimed in a tweet that President Barack Obama was the literal founder of ISIS.

The Insane Clown candidate also “joked” about some of his supporters assassinating Hillary Clinton.

“I hate some of these people (journalists), I hate ’em,” the Insane candidate “jokingly” told a Michigan crowd. “I would never kill them. I would never do that.”

Anthony Scaramucci claimed his expletive filled tantrum was merely him “joking.”

Wealthy GOP donor Ed Butowsky claims he was only “joking” to FoxNews investigator Rod Wheeler about the Insane Clown being kept in the loop on the Seth Rich murder story.

Think Mueller’s “joking” as he convenes his new grand jury?


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