Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum Stuff

We’re smack in the middle of a war of the words. The conman of the century believes he can make us all believe anything his thumbs conjure up in the “4 AM of his nightly soul.”

Anthony Scaramucci is the Insane Clown’s “tell.” We now have a bona fide wise guy in the White House. The Insane Clown brought in this goombah to verbally whack his chief-of-staff.

Who then has the courage to evict the Insane Clown and his spawn?

The Insane wazir exhibits his full nasty, letting little Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III twist in the wind. Little Jefferson, himself a nasty piece of work, loves coming to work, “his mandate” to return our beautiful land to a better time, pre-reconstruction. Hellzapoppin.

Concurrent with the Insane eagle scout’s twisted rap jam at the Scout’s jamboree, his mini-me, Jared, showed his own twisted chops behind closed doors. Politically “bi-polar,” Jared, deemed a political “novice” yet entrusted with the nation’s top security clearance, showed he may not be as smart as he fancies himself. Try to make sense out of the Jared Kushner nonsense. And yes, was Jared recommended hiring Scaramucci to the Clown.

Make no mistake, the shootout in this hall of mirrors is coming down the pike.

Once cleared of these vermin, the White House will need to be tented and sprayed.

Tweet it loud, I’m insane and I’m proud.



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