inspired by true events

We’re living in an age of prohibition, a prohibition of the truth. We’re living in an age of alternate realities. Master distillers of the big lie, loyal to an Insane Clown President, spread disinformation throughout our nation and the world. Deep denial trumps the “deep state.”

Their lies are clogging our airwaves, corroding our cables, polluting the water we drink. It’s that precious bodily fluid thing again. They call it alt. reality.

Pence, Bannon, Kushner, Conway, Spicer, Huckabee Sanders, Price, Sessions, Carson, DeVos, Perry, Pruitt, Junior, Zinke and that slinky blonde dame, Ivanka – dissemblers all – it’s that old looking up at the clear blue sky routine, telling us we’re living under a dark cloud foisted on our nation by a dark man, a man who was not even born here, does not even worship our god.

Halleluyah, we are all bums.

We’re living in a world where to lie is to be a “truth teller.” We congregate around oval tables and practice mass hypnosis. We neither see nor hear the ticking clock. Ends justify means.

Anyone in their right mind would not want this lot laying their hands on them. Jim Jones and his cool-aid mix have nothing on this bunch.

Been there, drunk that.

Shout halleluyah, hal/le/lu, we are all bums.

Welcome to the Clown’s brave new world. Six months in and everyone is lawyered-up.



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