Donald Trump – thin-skinned crooked business man prone to lying, tweetness himself


“Little” Paul Ryan – brown nosing since forever

Steve Bannon – the Black Bart of Breitbart

Mike Pence – lumbering mediocre governor/a most dangerous man

Jeff Sessions – Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Mitch McConnell – vulpine cynic

Kellyanne Conway – “Bertha Antoinetta Mason” of the White House

Tom Price – inside trader

Scott Pruitt – fracker/gnostic

Reince Priebus – Rheinhold Richard Priebus

Ben Carson – trypanosomiasis

Betsy DeVos – the divine Miss D, foremost practitioner of DeVonics

Jared and Ivanka – children of the Don seeking “legitimacy”


Our operators are standing by.



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