The King’s Speech

Hahahhaha here piggy piggy....
The 140 character rule rule. No not the number of appointments in the new administration. But certainly enough characters to Tweet out the length and breadth of thought that courses through our Insane Clown Resident’s pre-dawn agitated mind.
And it’s certainly contagious. Sean Spicer’s ignorance is on display daily as evidenced in his command of the language; in his communication skills.
Rex Tillerson seems brilliant. At least he keeps his mouth shut, mostly.
Karen Pence’s girly man, Mike, with furrowed brow reaches for his inner “Lincoln” as he invokes shields and swords.
And Paul Ryan’s numbers have never added up, though they consistently exceed 140 characters.
This week’s circle of confusion surrounding the Carl Vinson Strike Group even ensnared McMaster and Mattis; “prudent” officials misspeaking when called on to speak Trump/speak. Complicit.
In this age of Twitter an administration of Tweeting twits run amuck, their ignorance on full display reflected in the way they speak.
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