District of the Damned

Less than 100 days ago an ill-informed Insane Clown Resident and his retinue of glowing-eyed sycophants took over Washington, DC. Their actions over seventy some odd days has made what was once a swamp a “swamp” again.

They ushered early 21st century America into a dystopian age of alternative realities. In a town known for its disfunction, a virulent new form of disfunction superseded the “normal disfunction” our nation had become accustomed to.

A complicit cast of characters: Mike Pence, Karen Pence, Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn , Kellyanne Conway, Paul Ryan, Mick Mulvaney, Sean Spicer, Devin Nunes, Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, Tom Harris, Rick Perry, Don McGah, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Wilbur Ross, Betsy DeVos, Stephen Miller, Rheinhold Richard Priebus…and Steve Bannon.

(Just announced, a sequel, Children of the District of the Damned. Complicit, the next generation: Ezra Cohen, Michael Ellis, John Eisenberg…)

Dedicated to Dorothy Thompson


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