Drumpf des Willens

(I read this week that Steve Bannon had made a campaign film for Herr Trump that cribbed the opening scenes from Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. Turns out I had written this blog entry several months ago and hadn’t posted it. It got lost in the tsunami of material I was working on. After all, we are nine weeks in to the Insane Clown’s Residency. It sure feels like dog years to me. Here then Drumpf des Willens, guaranteed to give you the willies.)



DONALD TRUMP’s PLANE descends through the clouds.


TRUMP leans forward, his gaze fixed on the billowy clouds framed by his cabin window.

The ground below is obscured by the cloud cover.

Shafts of sunlight fracture into bands of color rippling across the wings as the plane continues its descent. 

Steve Bannon is set to produce and direct his dream project, The Will of Trump, centered around the Republican retreat in Philadelphia this year. In the midst of 2016’s campaign furor, speakers and participants at Trump rallies attest to why they broke bad as they strove to make Amerika great again and again and again.

Bannon spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway, in a press release, related that director Bannon hopes not only to make great art but touch the very heart of darkness in his audience.





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