A poem by Donald Trump

Sing to me muse of Vladimir Putin, thunder gatherer from afar

Sing to me muse of the carnage left

in my wake

Sing to me muse of the birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama

Sing to me muse of all talk, no action John Lewis

Sing to me muse of Trump vendors stiffed

Sing to me muse of this nation’s citizenry

about to be stiffed

Of Trump University, the Trump Foundation

Of Billy Bush and the Access Hollywood bus tour

Of Ted and Heidi Cruz/Marco Rubio/Carly Fiorina/ Jeb Bush/ Lindsey Graham

Hillary Clinton/Katy Tur/Megyn Kelly/Meryl Streep/Madonna

I vow never to reach out with my small hand to a false heroe

like John McCain

Nor honor Khizer and Ghazala Khan/Serge Kovaleski/Jim Acosta

Here before this Memorial Wall of the Fallen

I sing of my billionaire “brain trust,”

take another shot at the media

Oh how I loathe the media

For now is the hour of my arrival

a vengeful Tweety Bird

A wee yellow canary

perched in my tower

ready to swoop down and

wreak righteous carnage

ready to drain the swamp

No part of my poem has been plagiarized…

Singing backup 20 feet from stardom: Kellyanne Conway (my mistress of misinformation); Mike Pence; Reince Priebus & Sean Spicer

appearing courtesy of Bannon Alt-Right Productions/Alt the news, alt the time…

Cats & Lies
Where every Friday is Inauguration Day




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