Orange Julius…

Orange “Julius…” ascendant.

Come celebrate our new Caesar January 20.

Orange “Julius Caesar” himself, escorted by the ever lovely Melania, will celebrate alongside Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski, Roger Ailes, and Rudy Giuliani at the Paleo Table, “fresh kill” provided by Eric and Donald Jr.

Kellyanne Conway will join the roadshow cast of Wicked at their table.

Will Little Marco be seated at the children’s table?

Lyin’ Ted and Heidi are not telling if they’ll actually show.

Where will Carly Fiorina show her face? Sure hope Ben Carson doesn’t sleep through the festivities. Chris Christie will dine alone.

Rumor has it on Twitter that Lindsay Graham and John McCain might make an early appearance at the Loser’s Ball.

And which balls will ******* Hillary crash?

Swag bags by Ivanka of Pennsylvania Avenue…

Welcome to the age of pox Trump…


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